SK Hynix is the first in the industry to present memory chip LPDDR4X DRAM 8 GB

In October, Samsung started producing the industry’s first memory chips LPDDR4 DRAM 8 GB, intended primarily for mobile devices.

Now the company SK Hynix first began to produce memory chips LPDDR4X DRAM of the same capacity. The chip includes four crystal density of 16 GB.

This memory operates at a voltage of just 0.6 V vs 1.1 V from LPDDR4, which significantly reduces the power consumption of the chips. When connecting to 64-razagnal the memory bus data throughput reaches up to 34.1 GB/s. Also these chips are allocated the smallest in the segment of buildings, the size of 12 x 12.7 mm with a thickness less than 1 mm. the Company notes that the chip will be used not only in smartphones and tablets, but also laptops upper price segment and automotive electronics.



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