SK Hynix is going to produce the image sensors in the factory, working with 300-mm wafers

According to the source, the company SK Hynix plans to mass-produce for the first time at the factory, designed for 300-millimeter plates, not memory, and other products. More specifically, image sensors for cameras. Next year the factory M10 to Eachone to begin production of image sensor type CMOS resolution of 13 megapixels.

To date, the manufacturer produced on 300-millimeter factories alone memory DRAM and NAND, and other products — to 200-millimeter factories. The transition will allow one and a half times to increase the number of chips manufactured on a single plate.

Company SK Hynix has experience in producing sensors with resolution up to 5 MP for PC and smartphones. In the past year to make this activity more profitable, the manufacturer began production of sensors with a resolution of 8 megapixels for Huawei and LG Electronics.

Source: CDR info

SK Hynix


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