SK Hynix introduced the first 72-layer flash memory 3D NAND

Company SK Hynix announced the release of the industry’s first 72-layer flash memory 3D NAND flash density 256 GB, which uses TLC cells and brand development. The density of new crystals up to 1.5 times higher density of commercially available 48-layer 3D NAND memory.

In April last year, the company SK Hynix has released a 36-layer memory 3D NAND density of 128 GB, and in November started the production of a 48-layer flash memory 3D NAND flash density 256 GB. To create a new memory took only five months.

The manufacturer notes that for making a new memory, it uses existing production. In addition to higher density, it differs from its predecessor, twice the internal speed and 20% higher performance on reads and writes.

A new memory will soon find application in SSD and mobile devices.

Source: SK Hynix


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