SK Hynix has introduced the fastest memory GDDR6 graphics card with a bandwidth of 768 GB/s

Company SK Hynix today introduced the fastest memory GDDR6 graphics card. Total module capacity is 1 GB. The memory produced by 2Znm.

The bus width of video memory is 384 bits, and the bandwidth of the module is equal to 768 GB/s, which is a record for the industry.

Early next year, the manufacturer promises to begin mass production of the products to be used in video cards of leading companies.

Memory GDDR6 is twice as fast as GDDR5, its working voltage is reduced by 10%. It is expected that GDDR6 will quickly replace GDDR5 and GDDR5X in the devices of the premium segment.

Senior Vice President SK Hynix Jonghun Oh (Jonghoon Oh) assured that they will help their partners to release the flagship video cards as scheduled.

Gartner estimates that the average amount of RAM in computers users this year will be 2.2 GB and by 2021 it will increase to 4.1 GB.



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