SK Hynix and Micron are trying to catch up to Samsung in DRAM production technologies

The company SK Hynix and Micron, respectively occupying second and third places in a world rating of manufacturers of memory chips, DRAM, trying to catch up with technology Samsung. They plan followed by the South Korean manufacturer to master the production of memory chips, DRAM 10-nanometer class.

Company SK Hynix, working on increasing the yield rate of products according to the norms of 21 nm, at the same time preparing for mass production 18-nanometer process technology. In the second half to begin the production of 18-nanometer DRAM chips for computers, and later for mobile devices.

The company Micron, which started production of the 18-nanometer DRAM chips in the last quarter, going in the next two to three years to invest $ 2 billion in research aimed at the development of a 13-nanometer process technology for DRAM production. Certain steps, including the expansion of the «clean room» in the Japanese company and the purchase of advanced equipment, has already been done. It is estimated that the transition from norms of 18 nm to 13 nm standards will increase productivity by more than 20%.

As for Samsung Electronics, she started the production of the 18-nanometer DRAM in March of last year. In the second half of this year, Samsung plans to begin mass production of 15-nanometer DRAM. According to the source, Samsung is ahead of competitors in one to two years.

Source: CDRinfo

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