Six-year-old girl unlocked iPhone with the help of finger sleeping mother and bought toys for $250

Six-year Ashland Howell (Howell Ashlynd) decided to make a gift for Christmas, order in the Internet shop of soft toys of pokemon in the amount of $ 250.

It tells the child’s mother, Bethany (Bethany), after a hard day with my daughter, they settled in front of the TV to watch a movie. In a few minutes the mother was asleep and her mobile was next on the coffee table.

The child put the smartphone to the sleeping mother’s finger to unlock the device, and the system automatically fill in the Amazon (Bethany subscribes to Amazon Prime) made for her all the work when ordering. Payment, incidentally, was also verified using a fingerprint of the mother.

In the morning Bethany found a notice of cancellation of $ 250 from my account, and decided that her account was hacked. Islind, which the mother is often allowed to use the smartphone to view the cartoons in YouTube and Netflix, later confessed to the crime. As noted in surprise Bethany, she didn’t know that the child is aware of the purpose of Amazon.

According to Amazon policy, they managed to return 4 of 13 toys. «Punishment,» which gave Ashland, was extremely soft. She said that Santa knows what he did, so she got for Christmas all 13 ordered toys, but only 9.



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