Six-core processors AMD Ryzen may not be

AMD has provided us with some official information regarding the processors Ryzen. However, all announcements featured only the older model with eight cores, but the AMD claimed that there will be a more affordable solution.

According to early rumors, we are waiting for the line of SR3, SR5 and SR7. Previously it was thought that the first will include a CPU with four cores, the second will be six-core model, and the third will consist of eight, though at times a sneaking feeling that AMD at the initial stage may present only three processors: one for each line.

Anyway, a new source claims that the six-core models simply will not. According to these data, in the line of SR3 will include a CPU with four cores, capable of processing up to eight threads. In the line of SR5 will be no six-core and eight-core models, but do not have a technology similar to Hyper-Threading, that is capable of processing eight threads simultaneously. But in the line SR7 will be OCTA-core CPU, but processing for 16 threads. The source also confirms that all models will get an unlocked multiplier.

Meanwhile, we should not exclude the appearance of six-core models Ryzen in General. It is possible such will appear later.



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