Single processor variant of road supercomputer Nvidia Drive PX 2 is limited to a TDP of 10 watts

In the beginning of the year Nvidia introduced an impressive car 2 Drive PX supercomputer. He received two single-chip system Tegra new generation and two certain GPU generation Pascal. We recently learned that the new SoC called Parker and more do not belong to the Tegra brand. All this allows to speak about the performance of 8 TFLOPS, however, with an unknown level of energy consumption.

Today Nvidia introduced the younger version Drive PX 2. It contains just one SoC Parker and is characterized by a TDP of 10 watts. Judging by the last parameter, no additional GPU Pascal this version of computer already has. The performance of such a system appears to be fully consistent with the capabilities of Parker, that is, reaches 1.5 TFLOPS.

The purpose of a single-processor Drive PX 2 is about the same as his older brother. In this case, Nvidia says that the new product will use the Chinese giant Baidu.

It is worth noting that Nvidia talks about the possibility of using multiple single-processor Drive PX 2 in a single bundle that will increase the volume of processed information from the various sensors and cameras.



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