Single-chip system Apple A10X will produce TSMC according to the norms of 10 nm

As you know, the Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus uses a single-chip system Apple A10, manufactured using TSMC’s 16-nanometer FinFET technology.

The source was able to detect the information indicating that more productive single-chip system Apple A10X will also be releasing TSMC, but by a more subtle process.

In summary one of the Apple experts says that he took part in developing the GPU for the tablet, which will follow the iPad Pro on the A9X SoC. In other words, the GPU in the composition of the A10X. Allegedly, the design was able to exceed the target power, performance and chip area. Produce a new SoC will be the new process technology, which likely refers to the 10-nanometer technology.




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