Single-Board PC Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3 can be bought for 30 or 25 $

Micro-PC Raspberry Pi 3 appeared on the market a year ago. Its main feature is the presence of BCM2837 Broadcom SoC, which contains four quite modern Cortex-A53.

In the summer, we learned that preparing a modification 3 of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module form-factor memory module SO-DIMM. This version is presented and evaluated in 30 or $ 25 depending on performance.

Main parameters of 3 Raspberry Pi Compute Module is not different from the Raspberry Pi 3. But the novelty, by itself, is devoid of connectors, and at the same time and Wi-Fi module. The creators of the single-Board computer offering two modifications: CM3 with 4 GB flash memory eMMC and CM3L, which has its own memory, but there is a pad for use either flash memory chips or microSD slot. Accordingly, the first costs $ 30, and the second is $ 25. For the first model of the Raspberry Pi Compute Module is now asking $ 25.

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