Single Board PC Poslab SavageBoard designed for ballistic weapons and smart home

Poslab the company introduced a single Board PC SavageBoard, among the fields which mentioned not only the automation system of the smart home and industries, but also avionics and even ballistic weapons. The developers claim that the required level of reliability has been achieved including at the expense of SoC NXP i.MX6.

Fee SavageBoard available in three versions: Solo, Dual and Quad, denoting the number of processor cores Cortex A9 used in the SoC. The older model also received a more powerful GPU Vivante GC2000 GC880 is different from the presence of the four Shader units instead of one. Other differences are noted in the list:

  • SavageBoard Solo: DDR3 RAM of 512 MB with a 32 bit bus, flash memory eMMC 4GB, $59:
  • SavageBoard Dual: RAM DDR3 1GB bus 64-bit, flash memory eMMC 8 GB, $79;
  • SavageBoard Quad: RAM DDR3 1GB bus 64-bit, flash memory eMMC 8 GB, SATA, $99.

To connect the displays via HDMI, LVDS and MIPI DSI sound can be output not only HDMI, but also via the analog headphone Jack with audio codec Wolfson. There are insights I2C, SPI, UART, GPIO, SDIO, and MIPI CSI for external camera, as well as a debug connector RS-232. Wireless adapter no, a Gigabit Ethernet port. Fee SavageBoard performed in the size ETX and receives power from an external adapter (12 V, 1 A). The company has published the images and the source code builds of Android 6.0, Yocto and Arch Linux with kernel version 3.10.17.


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