Single Board PC Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 is supplemented wireless adapter and module eMMC

A motley family of single-Board PCs Orange Pi has been updated with a new product called the Orange Pi Plus 2 Zero. At $19 it differs from proposals for $10 or less by the presence of flash memory and wireless modules, although it still refers to the initial segment.

Board size (48 x 46 mm) left an imprint on expansion possibilities: there is no Ethernet port as wired USB, except designed to power the microUSB port. The situation was corrected by the presence of insights on the two USB 2.0 ports, IR receiver, and analog connectors for headphones and microphone, and not soldered pad 26 conclusions compatible with Raspberry Pi B+.

Single Board PC Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 is based on SoC Allwinner H3 Quad core Cortex A7 and GPU Mali-400MP2, soldered RAM memory, DDR3 of 512 MB and flash module eMMC capacity of 8 GB. Wireless adapter Ampak AP6212 supports standards Wi-Fi 802.11 n and Bluetooth 4.0, it is equipped with an external antenna with a U. FL socket. The augmented video output HDMI connector trail camera MIPI CSI, also on the Board there is a debug UART block. In addition to the Android OS fee Orange Pi Zero Plus 2 is compatible with Debian, Rasberry Pi image.

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