Single Board PC LicheePi Zero valued at only $6

On the portal Indiegogo begun fundraising on the issue of single-Board PC LicheePi Zero, which, if successful campaign, will be offered for just $6. The basis of the product the developers have taken SoC Allwinner V3s originally designed for DVRs — this choice has some advantages that may be limitations.

So, the SoC is already part of RAM that saves Board space, but its volume is small, only 64 MB. Expansion RAM for obvious reasons on the Board is not provided. One CPU core ARM Cortex-A7 coexists with GPU ARM Mali-400, SoC Allwinner V3s CamDroid supports OS and Linux, the last and the emphasis in this case (a-4.10). The CPU operates in the frequency range of 24 to 1200 MHz (nominal frequency 1 GHz), temperature in idle is about 40℃,under a load of up to 63℃.

MicroSD slot apart from the relevant memory card can take the original Wi-Fi adapter optional it can be installed on the existing mounting pad. FPC40 connector allows you to connect charge LicheePi Zero directly to the LCD panel, or by using the converters to VGA, HDMI, LVDS or even the DVP to connect to the camera module. Also includes an adapter 22 output 2 GPIO and ADC. The outputs on the Board provide access to two UART, two I2C, one SPI and PWM. The microUSB port supports drives OTG and can serve to supply power. Board size LicheePi Zero amount to a total of 44.6×25.5 mm.


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