Single Board PC Hardkernel Odroid-XU4Q on the basis S0C Exynos 5422 got passive cooling

Hardkernel, the company continues to maintain interest in PC single-Board Odroid-XU4, released in 2015. Earlier its price was reduced from $74 to $59, now presents a new modification of the Odroid-XU4Q, and radical changes like replacing SoC Samsung Exynos 5422 Exynos on 8895 be expected. In the new version, the engineers simply replaced low-profile cooler on the solo radiator dimensions 40х40х25 mm, the difference in size is clearly visible in the image:

Everything else remains the same, except the system’s behavior under load. Although the size of the radiators increased, it does not save SoC from loss of frequencies in intensive benchmarks like sysbench, which have new modifications is 16% more time. It should be noted that the frequency decrease from 2 to 1.8 GHz, the gap is reduced to 6%, but the graph clearly shows that the Hardkernel Odroid-XU4Q still more often reduces the frequency:

To get rid of this effect, the manufacturer recommends that you limit the frequency to 1.2 GHz, while not all tests are equally sensitive to high frequency, such as sysbench. So, in Antutu the difference is quite small, 61112 and 60283 points. Also Hardkernel presented an updated case with the cutout for the radiator, and promises to later introduce a new modification of the Odroid-XU4. The owners of the first version can purchase the cooler separately.



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