Single Board PC Act Power Project-X A1 padded mezzanine boards

Taiwanese company Power Act introduced a series of single-Board PC Project-X, which will have implications for mezzanine expansion boards, which provide access to various interfaces. Although now the manufacturer has shown a model with ARM processor cores, more recent plans for this year include a system with a SoC Intel Atom, which will remain consistent on the conclusions of the two pads 40 and 20 conclusions.

In addition to compatibility with child boards for the Raspberry Pi to prepare the port module Fast Ethernet, wireless adapter Wi-Fi or 4G-modem and serial port, the findings support the USB 2.0 bus and power supply 12 V.

Fee Act Power Project-X A1 based on SoC Allwinner H3 Quad core Cortex A7 frequency of 1.2 GHz and GPU Mali-400MP2 frequency up to 600 MHz. The volume of DDR3 RAM is 1GB, flash memory eMMC 8 GB and a slot for SD cards. Soldered the video output HDMI 1.4 a, network port Gigabit Ethernet with the planned PoE, two USB 2.0 ports and one microUSB, console port. With dimensions of 100 x 72 mm Board Act Power Project-X A1 receives power from an external source with voltage of 12 V.


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