Since Apple’s iPhone passed 10 years

Today marks ten years since the start of sales of the first model of smartphone Apple iPhone. Since that time, sold over a billion all models of this device, which can be considered the most successful embodiment of the idea of the smartphone.

The interest in the novelty was great, but sales of the first model were modest for the year managed to sell 6.1 million units, after which it was discontinued.

This is due to several factors, including the lack of App store. The manufacturer was even forced to take lower prices to stimulate demand. However, with the advent of the App Store where third party developers could offer mobile applications, the situation has changed. Now the App Store is the most important source of income for Apple. Just last year, the store brought us 24.3 billion dollars. And third-party developers since the store opened in 2008, managed to earn in the Apple App Store, more than $ 70 billion.

Source: Reuters



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