Simple rules for the care of nails at home

Elegant and spectacular manicure begins with nails manicured, devoid of obvious irregularities and chipping. Most women give priority to their beauty and youth face, as it is the first thing seen by others when communicating. However, for the harmonious complete image every detail is important, the main of which is a beautiful manicure.

Even the most exquisite nail art will look dirty and ridiculous, if it’s on the nails which have not been previously prepared. Therefore, nail care is no less important than the health of the hair, face, skin, etc.

For comprehensive nail care do not have to spend money costly beauty salons. Each girl is able to give your fingers a graceful look yourself.

Simple rules of nail care

Hands require constant care and attention. In the fast pace of city life, you should try to allocate half an hour of his time for their nails, especially because the procedure is very easy and even enjoyable.

It is important to develop the habit of every or every other day to hold a seance to strengthen and moisturize nails. For self-care does not require costly instruments or funds. All you need probably you have at home – vegetable oil, soda, iodine, etc.

Hydration of the nail plate at home

For this procedure you will need a slightly warmed vegetable oil. Easier to heat it in a water bath, so you can control the temperature of the liquid and will not overheat it.

Immerse the nails in vegetable oil for 10-15 minutes. It gently envelops the skin and nail plate, moisturizing and making the skin incredibly soft and tender, and nails stronger.

Salt bath for nails at home

The procedure will need a bath with a solution of warm water, which dissolved a small amount of salt. It is important not to overdo the liquid, otherwise the skin will immediately react to such a hostile environment and will peel off.

Will help nails in the solution for 5-10 minutes. Then wash your hands under running water. This will save them from the remnants of salt. Salt baths to strengthen nails and prevent their fragility.

Strengthen procedures for nails at home

Modern lacquers are not always safe for the delicate structure of the nail. Their constant exposure to the nail plate can lead to breakage and delamination. So every week, «giving» his hands firming bath.

This procedure is more effective than vegetable or salt baths. All thanks to the use of essential oils known for their restorative and healing properties.

You’ll need essential oil:

  • lemon’s
  • tea tree
  • incense’s
  • rose 2 drops each
  • jojoba oil and wheat – 10 drops
  • iodine – 1 drop
  • lemon juice – 5 drops

Mix all the ingredients in the bath and submerge your fingers into the mixture for 10 minutes. In addition to getting rid of the breakage and flaking, firming bath solves the problem of constant cuticle care. In addition, after this procedure, your hands will exude a pleasant smell of a bouquet of essential oils.

How to care for the manicure at home

To achieve the perfect beauty of your hands is no less important proper care of the manicure, which is based on a few simple rules.

First how to start a nail care is removing length. For this purpose, glass nail files or tools on cardboard or rubber based. They have a soft gentle effect on the nail plate, leaving no visible irregularities.

It is important to perform the procedure with the nails in the dry state and work with a nail file in one direction only.

How to care for cuticles

As the cuticle part of the nail also requires proper attention. There is no need to cut it, fairly carefully with manicure tools to push the edge. However, before it is better to soften skin with special products or moisturizing bath.

Other elements of the nail – dead skin cells or burrs without regret cut nail clippers. We must act as accurately as possible, or together with the unnecessary skin will cut you alive, which can lead to inflammation. With these fingers, even the most spectacular nail art is hopelessly flawed.

Lacquer-based nail

Treatments for the nails will not help if you use for decorating cheap and untested Polish. Most of them include toxic substances and corrosive additives, therefore, it is important to give preference to lucky-established firms.

But even high-quality coating can affect the nail plate. For example, if you frequently use dark shades of nail starts to turn yellow or darken. Therefore, before applying any varnish you need to use the basis. It creates a protective barrier between the nail plate and decorative varnish, protecting it from breakage and flaking.

5 important rules of nail care

Adhering to our recommendations, and ongoing care of your nails will become your habit. Rules will cease to be too Intrusive and burdensome. We offer you 5 simple tips, following which your nails will always be strong, beautiful and healthy.

1. While washing the dishes or vacuuming the house always protect your hands with rubber gloves. Chemicals present in most detergents, can corrode the nail plate and damage the delicate skin.

2. Nails do not tolerate low temperatures, so in cold seasons wear gloves from natural materials, which protects the hands from frost and temperature changes.

3. Pay attention to the cuticles. Do not let the edge too grow and spoil the look of the manicure. Before the procedure to soften the skin with warm soapy water. So the cuticle is easier to give in and the procedure will not cause pain.

4. Once a week (often) do a restorative bath with essential oils – tea tree, olive and citrus oils.

5. If moisturizing baths is in vain and your nails continue to break and exfoliate, then you need to reconsider your diet include fish, vegetables and citrus.

Negative impact on the condition of the nail plate has a continuous use of the acrylic coating. Take a break after 2-3 courses of the acrylic, giving marigolds to rest and recover. In such intervals, use shellac or conventional decorative coating.

Nail care is a set of events, consisting of the toning baths, proper nutrition, selection of quality nail Polish. It is important to systematically carry out the procedure for moisturizing the skin of hands and nail plate, making large gaps between them. Following these simple tips, your nails and cuticles will look healthy and beautiful.

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