Simple drawings on the nails: affordable ideas and technology at home

One of the elements of a fashionable image is a manicure. Professional nail design looks neat and attractive. However, at home you can learn how to do a manicure, which will not be inferior to the cabin. There are quite a few techniques once you’ve mastered that, you’ll be able to decorate their nails.

Simple drawings for beginners

Original drawing on nails can make every girl, even if she has no artistic talent. All that is required is imagination and simple items that are in every home: the paints of different colors, liquid varnish remover, cotton swab, brush, toothpick, needle, etc.

Before you begin the process, you should prepare for your handle. To do this, make it a tub with warm water and sea salt. Holding in her fingertips for 15-20 minutes, you can easily tidy nail plate and the cuticle. The next step is to grease the hands of any nourishing cream after it’s fully absorbed.

Avoid getting the cream on the nail, otherwise future drawing can be ruined.

The easiest thing to do on nails, points, lines, and other geometric shapes. They can be ordered or chaotic. At the beginning of the nail is covered with the base color. After the layer of varnish dries, with a brush drawn line and needle can be applied neat point.


If you are unsure about the ideal lines, you can use special stencils. Once the image dries, the nail is covered with a layer of fixative, which will help to keep the manicure longer.

Dots there are special tools. However, if you have a home, they can be easily replaced with a needle, toothpick, pin or rod from an old ballpoint pen.


Manicure with Scotch at home

Geometric pattern on nails can easily be done using an adhesive tape. They are easy to replace regular stationery tape. The easiest manicure made in this way – all sorts of stripes and blocks on the nails. To start the nail plate is covered by the base lacquer. After it dries, the top glued pieces of tape and unwrapped the other part is painted with varnish. So you can do a two-tone manicure.


Similarly, the nails are drawn stripes and other geometric shapes. One of today’s most popular manicures – chess, can also be done using adhesive tape, which is cut into small stripes stencil.

The tape will be indispensable to perform the French or moon manicures at home.



Gradient manicure at home

Today is a very popular gradient manicure or as it is called Ombre. At first glance it is difficult enough and to repeat it at home is not possible. However, there is one secret that will help to achieve a smooth transition between shades.


To do this, you in addition to nail Polish you will need eyeshadow and a sponge. At the beginning of the nail plate is covered by the base lacquer. Instead of waiting until it is completely dry, using the sponge on the nail applied dry the shade, the right shade. In the end apply a transparent lacquer.


To diversify the manicure, making it original, will help ordinary sequins. You can also use special varnishes with glitter.

Drawings with a needle at home

Floral patterns on nails always relevant. Picking the right shades, floral manicure can be combined with any outfit. To make this pattern easy yourself if you have the perseverance and patience.

To create it you will need: lacquer-based paints of different colors and a needle which can be replaced with a toothpick or other object with sharp end. For starters, nails are covered with lacquer-based. After it dries, using a needle on the surface of the nail is applied to the point in the form of a flower. Semicircular adapter layer of varnish.


If you have already mastered this technique, you can try something more complex. For example, draw the leaves near the flower. To do this, place the needle point near the flower and, without lifting the needle, draw lines to the petals forming the leaf.

Using a needle or a toothpick, may be applied to nails of different abstract paintings. It does not wait until completely dry nail Polish, with a toothpick, apply dots, lines or other shapes. Then lightly connect them together, forming a pattern.

Drawings brush

Make a beautiful pattern on nails with a brush can even novice. To do this, stock up on tools with natural bristles of different thickness. To start, try to draw simple lines. When thick and thin lines you have to be good at it, you can start drawing all sorts of curls. Over time you will learn to draw even complex compositions.

Drawings with dots

Want to have a beautiful and unusual manicure, but I’m afraid to work with a brush? Then use the special dorsami. Drawings can be done with their help a variety: floral arrangements, pictures of animals and other shapes, abstract patterns, etc.


Even easier to make a drawing using stencils.

The figure with acrylic paints

Using regular acrylic paint, you can decorate your nails a real masterpiece. To begin practice with simple ornaments. Later, having mastered the technique, proceed to more complex paintings.

First, a thin brush draw the outline of the future drawing, after which the entire surface is filled with paint. To manicure to keep as long as possible, on top of the figure is covered with fixative.

Simple drawings gel Polish

Of course, you always want your manicure to keep our nails as long as possible. Especially if we did it yourself. Especially for this, and there is gel Polish that lasts at least 2 weeks. With it you can create absolutely any nail Polish, then the Polish must be dried under UV lamp.


As you can see, even with a minimal set of tools, you can make a spectacular manicure. If you failed the first time to do what was planned, don’t despair. Over time, you will be able to make real masterpieces.

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