SilverStone TP01-M2: silicone gasket for cooling ardent SSD

SSD M. 2 standard, especially with the support of the NVMe Protocol, often offer significantly better performance than their counterparts of standard size of 2.5 inches. The latest addition to hopelessly lose in comparison to size, but here the miniaturization can play with the drives for the M. 2 slot is a cruel joke. Deprived of the body, which helps dissipate heat, they often overheat during prolonged stress that eventually can neutralize their strengths.

The problem clearly isn’t exaggerated, after all, it already drew the attention of the producers of the drives, and motherboard manufacturers. Now joined by SilverStone with their accessory TP01-M2.

SilverStone TP01-M2 is a set of two silicone gaskets of thickness 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm, which are glued to the adapter-the adapter or the motherboard under the drive. Prior to this, the length of the strip can be customized with scissors under a specific size SSD. Depending on the arrangement of elements on the back side of the Board SSD can be combined together from two gaskets.

The thermal conductivity SilverStone TP01-M2 is stated at 4 W/(m * K) permitted operating temperature range of -40°C to 200°C. In its test stand manufacturer with new items managed to lower the temperature Samsung SSD SM951 from 86°C to 71°C. the thermal Pad is compatible with M. 2 slots, the height of which does not exceed 4 mm.



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