SilverStone CPU04 cable equipped with connectors USB-A and USB-C is insensitive to orientation

Range SilverStone joined the CPU04 cable, one end of which is a USB connector for A connector on the other USB-C.

Connector body is made of aluminum, but they are wonderful not only for this. USB type-C, known to be insensitive to orientation, whereas standard USB type-A to connect the first attempt does not always work. The creators CPU04 eliminate this disadvantage, giving cable USB-a connector that is insensitive to orientation.

The cable is enclosed in a nylon braid, which increases its strength and increases service life. Offered three different lengths: 0.5 m, 1 m and 1.8 m, which, moreover, differ in colour. Cables are designed for currents up to 3 A.

Source: SilverStone



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