Silicon Motion calls the controller SM2703 the world’s first conforming to specification SD 5.1

As you know, the organization of the SD Association introduced the SD specification 5.1, which identifies the new speed class — Class Application Performance 1 (A1). A memory card format SD labeled A1 needs to provide the read operations and write random access performance is not below 1500 and 500 IOPS, respectively, and the data transfer rate for sequential operations below 10 MB/s.

According to Silicon Motion, its controller SM2703 became the world’s first conforming to SD specifications 5.1. After updating the firmware on this controller delivers the performance of a 2000 IOPS on read operations random access blocks of 4 KB and 800 IOPS on write operations with random access the same blocks. The controller is compatible with the Android platform 7.0/6.0 Adoptable Storage that allows you to use the memory card on the basis of SM2703 to extend the built-in storage smartphone that is running the specified OS.

The manufacturer specifies that these performance values correspond to the configuration of the memory card with a few crystals flash memory. If you are using one of the crystal TLC performance in recording mode is somewhat lower — 650 IOPS, but she is still with the reserve exceeds the requirements of the specifications.

Controller SM2703 also supports UHS-I and meets the requirements of the speed class Speed Class Video 30.

Source: Silicon Motion


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