Silicon Labs BGM12x — the smallest Bluetooth module for devices of the Internet of things

Focusing on the needs of designers designing miniature devices of the Internet of things Silicon Labs has introduced a module BGM12x, made in the form of a single system (SiP). The manufacturer calls BGM12x the smallest Bluetooth module. The module is on-Board land dimensions of 6.5 x 6.5 mm and its height is equal to 1.5 mm.

However, the on-chip system Blue Gecko SLWSTK6101C, the configuration of which includes the CPU ARM Cortex-M4, integrated all the necessary components, including the antenna. By the way, SoC, Blue Gecko SLWSTK6101C will be available separately. Its size in the performance of WLCSP is 3.3 x 3,14 x 0.52 mm.

The module is compliant with Bluetooth specification 4.2. Depending on the output power, the range is 10-200 m. the number of devices in which BGM12x can find application related fitness bracelets, smart watches, personal medical devices, wireless sensors and other devices with strict limitations on size. Unit price — from $4,17 per share. The manufacturer provides detailed documentation and development tools.

Source: Silicon Labs


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