Silent mini PC cirrus7 nimbus v2 was the original cooling system

Cirrus7 German company, famous for its mini PC, cooled by a passive method, introduced a new generation of computer nimbus. cirrus7 nimbus v2 differs from its predecessor not only with new processors (- generation Sky Lake), and a modified cooling system, the efficiency of which, according to official data, increased to 50%.

The developers came up with a novel solution for cooling the CPU. The CPU connects to an aluminum heat sink with six copper pipes full-bodied. It would be logical to see a copper heat pipe? Perhaps, but the creators claim that solid tubes work better on short distances (less than 10 cm). Aluminum CPU heatsink three large plates connected with the body panels that also dissipate heat.

In short, the creators have tried to offer consumers an effective solution, but what about characteristics? cirrus7 nimbus v2, unlike its predecessor, has the ability to use solid-state drives with PCIe interface through the M. 2 slot. It is possible to install two drives (HDD or SSD) usual size 2.5 inches.

The standard amount of RAM (8 GB) with extra charge can be increased to 16 or 32 GB. Basic processor cirrus7 nimbus v2 is a dual-core Intel Celeron G3930T. Are optional G4600T Pentium, Core i3-7100T, Core i5-7300T and Core i7-7700T.

In the list of interface connectors of the computer by four USB 3.0 and USB 2.0, two RJ-45, HDMI and DisplayPort 1.2. Interestingly, the module that implements the communication standards Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, are not included in the basic package. However, the Supplement for it is relatively small – € 40.

Dimensions cirrus7 nimbus v2 – 220 x 220 x 65 mm. In Germany, the computer is already available for order. The cost of new items in the basic version is 500 euros. But the price with all sorts of options, including three SSDS (total capacity 5 TB), the pre-installed Windows 10 and the external optical drive with support for recording Blu Ray disc able even someone to shock – 4130 euros!

Source: cirrus7


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