Signal processor image the ARM Mali-C71 is designed for automotive electronics

Company ARM has introduced the development, which opened the Mali family Camera. A processor of the image signal (ISP) ARM Mali-C71 designed for automotive electronics. According to the developer, the need for such processors is growing with increasing number of cameras that come with the car. According to analysts Strategy Analytics, in the coming years cars will have up to 10-12 cameras.

Quick and qualitative processing of images coming from the cameras directly affects the safety, because image analysis allows to detect obstacles and pedestrians, to recognize the signs and markings. With this car camera should work well in different lighting conditions and visibility. Conventional technology used in smartphones and consumer cameras, according to ARM, not good, need specialized processor. This processor is ARM Mali-C71.

It features Mali-C71 include support for ultra-wide dynamic range (up to 24 steps of exposure), high speed and the large number of circuits, allows to detect malfunctions. The developer intends to provide a reference for access to all the functions your ISP.

Note that in Mali-C71 probably found the application of the achievements of the company Apical, ARM purchased approximately a year ago.

Source: ARM



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