Sierra Wireless AirPrime WP77 — module LPWA, LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT (Cat-NB1)

Company Sierra Wireless has introduced the AirPrime module WP77, according to her, is the industry’s first module LPWA (Low Power Wide Area), LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT (Cat-NB1), and include the application processor with embedded OS Linux-based Legato and GNSS receiver. In addition, there is support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Module AirPrime WP77 made in the size of the CF3 (common flexible form factor), already used in its predecessors. The module can be installed in the connector or directly on the Board. In the second case it occupies an area size of 22 x 23 mm.

Support for LTE-M (Cat-M1) and NB-IoT (Cat-NB1) in conjunction with automatic switching to 2G when unavailability of more modern connectivity allows you to simplify the deployment, since the same device is suitable for networks of different operators around the world.

According to the manufacturer, the LPWA technologies inherent in the combination of low power, wide coverage and affordable cost. This makes them a promising tool for building the Internet of things.

Module AirPrime WP77 is fully compliant with 3GPP Release 13. On the structural and programme level it is compatible with other models of families AirPrime HL and WP. Study samples WP77 already delivered to customers. Widespread availability is expected in early 2018.

Source: Sierra Wireless


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