Siempo smartphone which should reduce the dependence on the smartphone through the new features in the smartphone

Dependence on a smartphone to date is no surprise. Of course, it is more accurate to say that it is dependent on various social networks, but because a smartphone — a single «portal» in the virtual life, blame of all sins accepted.

The company Siempo offers a very unusual way for dependent people who want to be a little less dependent. And for this purpose Siempo have developed a smartphone! Yes, it’s a smartphone that should help reduce your dependence on your smartphone.

The idea is the features of the device. For example, it has a physical button to turn off all alerts. Of course, her work can be configured to the device is still missed, for example, email. But that’s exactly what is able to do any modern Android smartphone with the function «do Not disturb».

There is a branded timer, which the developers propose to use in various useful activities like meditation, sports, walks and so on. While the timer is active, the smartphone does not miss any alerts, so as not to distract the user. Then again, Siempo proposes to use some functions of a smartphone, to temporarily abandon the other, as a whole, making the dependence even more, but in a slightly different direction.

Also, the smartphone is a limited email program and a limited browser, but it is unclear what are the restrictions.

As for parameters, it is known about a four-inch screen, Quad-core SoC with a frequency of 1 GHz, 8 GB of flash memory and battery capacity of 1600 mAh.

Now smartphone makers are trying to raise funds for its production on KickStarter. They need $ 500,000, of which so far has collected only 20,000. If the campaign will be successful, smartphones will start to ship at the end of the year. With the support of the campaign, the smartphone is available for $ 280.


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