Siemens has successfully tested a gas turbine generator with blades, manufactured using 3D printing

Siemens has completed testing of turbine generator with blades, completely made by 3D printing of metal. The manufacturer of the blades is the company Materials Solutions, which was acquired by Siemens last year.

According to Siemens, this is the first test of this product under conditions of full load. The turbine rotation speed is 13,000 rpm, and the temperature reaches 1250 °C.

Siemens representative could not name the date when the blades for the turbines manufactured by 3D printing of metal, will acquire the Statute of a commercial product, but said that the transition from conventional technology to 3D printing reduced the time from initial design to testing from two years to two months. He also noted that generators are among the most demanding areas of application technology of 3D printing of metal. In the case of blades used superalloy based on polycrystalline Nickel. The fabrication of these parts using 3D printing allowed us to use new design with improved geometry that is conducive of internal heat removal.

Source: Reuters


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