Shows SSD Seagate of 60 TB

Conference the Flash Memory Summit Seagate chose the site of the announcement of two new products in category of solid state drives. They both belong to the corporate segment.

The first novelty — a storage capacity of 60 TB, equipped with a SAS interface. It is the most capacious SSDS ever released. Storage capacity of 60 TB has a standard size of 3.5 inches. According to estimates by Seagate, it has the minimum unit cost of storage among modern SSDs.

Simultaneously presented Words XP7200 SSD with 8 TB volume support NVMe. His Forte is the high performance afforded by the presence of four controllers. The drive is made in the form of expansion cards PCIe. Delivery of this model will begin in the fourth quarter.

Storage capacity of 60 TB the manufacturer calls a demonstration of the capabilities. On the market it will appear not earlier than next year.

Source: Seagate



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