Shows a device for wireless charging of a mobile device at a distance up to 30 cm

The Pi team formed by people from mit (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; MIT), has introduced a wireless charging station, which allows you to simultaneously charge multiple mobile devices. The main advantage of this charging station in front of others that use the Qi standard is the lack of need to install the device on a specific location.

Charging station Pi charges the device within a radius of 30 cm, while they can be moved. To charge by this station will be all new products that support wireless charging including Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8, iPhone X, iPhone 8, 9 Mate and other smartphones. But even if your smartphone has no such functionality, the developers will release a special cover, which will allow you to use the new charging station. The power charger is 10 watts.

Price of the device will be about 200 dollars, and sales will begin next year.


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