Shop began to deliver the goods wheeled drones

A week ago we reported that Chinese online store started to deliver goods using drones in the four major cities of the country.

Now it became known that also started to deliver the orders using ground-based wheeled robots. The first parcel was delivered yesterday on the territory of the Chinese people’s University, which is located at a distance of several hundred meters from the shop

After the robot is sent with the parcel, the buyer receives the mobile message, which contains the code. The latter is used in order to gain access to the Luggage compartment wheeled drone that contains the parcel.

Drones equipped with sensors that allow them to avoid obstacles, including people and machines, and automatically stop at a distance of three meters to the obstacle. This robot can walk up the road with a slope up to 25%.

Each robot can carry up to 5 parcels at a time and per day to make 10-20 deliveries. In the future robots will be able to recognize customers by persons who carry heavy goods and work in any weather.

In the foreseeable future will also continue to deliver couriers.



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