Shipments of Japanese digital cameras for the year fell by more than 30%

Japanese standards Association display systems Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA) has published the latest data on the supply of digital cameras from local producers on the world market.

In 2016, shipments of Japanese digital cameras decreased by 31.7%, amounting to of 24.19 million units.

If we talk about a simple camera for casual users, 36.5 percent were sold in Europe, 25,1% in the United States, 17.9% — in Asia, 17.8 percent in Japan and 2.7% in other countries.

Speaking of SLR cameras, it is necessary to highlight the victory in the Asian region, whose residents bought 31.8% of the corresponding Japanese products last year. Europe took second place, although in this category the gap from the USA was minimal (28.6 per cent against 28.3 per cent).

Mirrorless camera also enjoyed the greatest popularity in Asia (35.4 per cent), in Europe it sold 17.6% of the total produced quantity in Japan — 11.8%, the United States is 10.8%.

Speaking about digital cameras, it is worth remembering about the departure of Samsung from the market.


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