Shft IQ — activity tracker for runners, equipped with artificial intelligence and is based on the Intel Curie module

On the market now there is a huge variety of activity trackers and pedometers for every taste and color. But the device Shft IQ, which is now raising funds on Kickstarter, is different.

Let’s start with the fact that Shft IQ is still working in 2014, so the campaign to raise funds has not been started in a hurry. Second, the team tracker is a professional runners and Amateurs. Yes, Shft IQ device is purely for runners, which, according to the creators, is to teach young athletes to run correctly, but an experienced is even better.

Shft IQ is distinguished by the fact that it is a virtual trainer, and hints, this trainer gives you real-time. The tracker reads the data on the run process, transmits them to the paired smartphone, ACCORDING to which declared support for neural networks, analyzes the information, and in the end the user receives a voice prompt that you want to change the pace, to make smaller the pitch, to transfer the load from the toes to the heel and so on. However, it requires the runner to take not only with a run smartphone, but also to wear headphones, which for many will be simply awkward and strange.

Another interesting thing is that Shft IQ based on the Intel Curie module, a configuration which includes Quark SE SoC. Also, the creators of the tracker talking about some kind of artificial intelligence Pattern Recognition.

To strengthen Shft IQ must be either directly on the shoes or on the chest. No heart rate sensor on the device so the developers came up with another way to assess the performance of the run. They propose to measure it in the form of energy used in watts.

Of course, Shft IQ provides the owner with detailed statistics on the races, providing a variety of information. Built-in battery is sufficient for six hours of work, that is enough for a few workouts. Separately, the creators of the isolated design, developed by the Swedish company HOWL. Looking at the package and module for charging, do you see that the design worked.

The campaign Shft IQ can be purchased for $ 60, but such proposals. Then the price gradually rises to $ 90. With regard to timing, in the case of success of campaign delivery is expected to begin in September. Now from the requested $ 50,000, the team has raised just under 17 000.


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