Shellac. The best ideas 2018

Season a coating of shellac is the most popular in the world of nail art. The new season offers ladies a number of bright and unusual ways to use shellac for decorating the nail plate. Many of the ideas may seem overly outrageous, others obviously borrowed from the past. One thing is clear – nail-art 2018 would not be boring.

Apply shellac is not as easy as usual nail Polish. This will require not only the bottle with any shade, but also a special UV lamp for drying nails and tools. The choice of the material and should be approached wisely and buy it from already established companies. The undisputed favorite among them was the firm CND, offering the masters more than 50 shades of high quality nail coat.

Colors for the new season

In fashion the new year will remain pastel colors. Among them are pink, pale yellow, shades of beige, creme brulee, baked milk, shades of brown, dusty rose, dirty blue and many others. Sudovye shades on the nails maintain their position among the trends along with sudovym makeup. After such a manicure, to attend ceremonial events, and day-to-day routine.

In the top of numerous shades of khaki. They range from pale to brownish-green. Alternative hacks will make olive green. Such tones, it is customary to dilute the small shiny pigments. The glitter can be silver or have the tint at the request of the owner of manicure. Looks interesting camouflage on the nails. To draw his will be able a craftsman. If skill and skills is not enough, you can use stickers and stamps. This manicure will look moderately brutal while maintaining a sexy and feminine charm.

Popular is a coating of orange shellac. In the autumn of this color harmonizes with the foliage, in the summer complements the rich palette, and the cold in winter gives energy and gives good mood.

Also in the trend shades of blue. Cobalt will be a real opening of the new season. Also in a fashion to cover the nail Polish color precious and semiprecious stones: turquoise, Topaz, ruby, amethyst. It is important to maintain not only their colors, but also to repeat the texture of the stone.

Each of the chosen colors should be deep and rich. Translucent coverage this year has faded into the background and is used as a Supplement to the base color of the nail plate.

The latest novelties of the season 2018

It is important that a fashionable and beautiful manicure has kept its vitality as long as possible. This is what contributes to the shellac. It creates a strong film and keeps the thin and fragile nails from damage. Therefore, this technique is considered to be one of the most progressive at the moment ways to create nail design.

The upcoming season insists that the most comfortable and fashionable must be short nails natural length. Because of the lengths to attract attention to themselves will not succeed, it should focus on original ideas for manicure. Here are some fresh ideas for manicure with shellac:

  • partial staining color (French and lunar manicure, frame);
  • shapeless patches of color on the nails and abstraction;
  • matte nails (a combination of glossy segments);
  • the gradient (Ombre) mainly in grey and gold.
  • metallic tints of any color;
  • geometric figures;
  • floral patterns;
  • strip straight and curved, their restraint and different combinations;
  • classic colors – white, red, black (monochrome options, or combinations thereof).

Using imagination, you can diversify and complement any of their ideas, and create their own, similar in spirit to the above options.

French and lunar manicure with shellac

French manicure and its variation – moon manicure for several seasons do not go to the podium. With each new season, the army of fans of this style only increased. All thanks to the elegance and diversity of this type of manicure. In the new season nail gurus suggest the use of various color combinations on your nails. You can paint the regrown region color or paint over them with the hole near the cuticle. You can leave it all white and paint the color of the very nail plate. The most daring ladies combine in the same manicure all methods. French and antifrench meet on one finger and look perfect.

As branch, you can name the frame that surrounds the nail plate around the perimeter. Like Kant can also be made any color. To give nails a 3D effect is applied to the surface of the painted nail, a spot of lacquer that simulates the glare of light.

Any of these options can be supplemented with shiny sequins, beads, metallic threads and other decorations. It is important to observe good manners and manicures to choose according to case.

Seasonality in manicure

The beginning of the year falls on the winter period. At this time the actual will variety registration of the new year or just winter themes. Snowflakes on the nail plate look gentle and moving. Quality pattern will help to create and extend a festive mood. For this design shellac white, shades of blue, purple, gray, various shiny items and silver particles. Complement the pattern with sequins and small beads. One of the fashionable options is to apply on the nail a dark background on which bright shades will be drawn snowflakes.

Summer allows you to bring in a range of colors juicy and bright shades. The nails can reflect the blueness of the sky or the green of the young grass. Also in the top of the various colors associated with fruit. For example, a figure of the rind of watermelon, lemon or kiwi in the section. In addition, interesting and original look mini appliques polymer clay. It is made of amusing effigies: fruit, bugs, butterflies, flowers, leaves. All these methods create a festive manicure. Every day volumetric creations of the nail-industry will not work, as it will just limit his mistress in action.

Regardless of the season, nails can be coated in various patterns using stamps, and simulate them in animal prints. It is important to choose the most suitable option of image, and bring it to perfection by hands of experienced craftsmen.

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