Sharp with Kantatsu intends to intercept Largan Precision, a contract to supply cameras for the new iPhone

The Sharp company, a controlling stake which this year went to Foxconn Electronics, can increase investment in the Japanese manufacturer of camera modules Kantatsu.

Writes about this edition of the Nikkei, claiming that this step will enable Sharp to more effectively compete with the Taiwanese supplier, Largan Precision and to secure orders for the supply of cameras for the new iPhone.

Nikkei refers to the statement of the President of Sharp tai Jeng-Wu (Tai, Jeng-wu), who noted that the company should focus on the direction of the cameras for mobile devices with the help of investment in a partner company, and the acquisition of new equipment.

Sharp currently owns 44% of shares Kantatsu. According to the newspaper, Liberty Times, Kantatsu can release the camera for smartphones with a resolution of over 12 megapixels with a high yield of quality products as Largan Precision.

Production of the new iPhone, according to an insider, expected to commence in March 2017.



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