Sharp wants to enter into a strategic Alliance with the JDI, but under one condition

Sharp President tai Jen-Wu (Tai, Jeng-wu) said that his company is interested in strategic cooperation with Japan Display Inc (JDI), which would successfully compete with the Korean suppliers of flat panels. He stressed that Sharp can’t spend money on competition with Samsung and LG on their own, as in this case will inevitably lose.

Another thing — the joint efforts of Sharp and JDI.

«We can work together, but there is one condition: the company Sharp should lead the Alliance» — quoted a source words of the head Sharp.

Tai Jen-Wu said that Sharp has not yet appealed to JDI with the official offer of cooperation-for fear of being accused of violating the Antimonopoly law.

However, according to the President of Sharp, the company has the opportunity to make an Alliance with the JDI, not breaking the law. As an example, he cited the South Korean company SK Hynix in the bidding for a semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba.

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