Sharp to start production of OLED panels later than planned

As you know, Foxconn has recently received final approval for the purchase of two thirds Sharp. Now we can say that the Japanese manufacturer expect major changes.

In particular, Foxconn is interested in Sharp to produce OLED panels, as more smartphone manufacturers are choosing for their devices such decisions. Earlier it was said that production will start in 2018.

However, new data indicate that the production of panels with organic LEDs, a Japanese company may start later. The reasons are not known, but said that could be revised the amount of investment of Foxconn in this direction. Earlier it was the sum of $ 2 billion.

Thus, we can definitely say that Sharp will not be able to be the supplier of OLED panels for smartphones iPhone next year, as even the original plan did not imply such a quick transition to production of the product concerned.



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