Sharp invests in the production of OLED panels 570 million dollars

According to the source, Sharp is planning to invest 570 million dollars in the production of OLED panels. Amount looks decent on the background of the costs of South Korean competitors, but this is the first major investment since when Foxconn acquired 66% Sharp over the 3.46 billion dollars.

Funds Sharp, will focus on pilot production lines, which the manufacturer plans to expand factories in the prefectures of Osaka and Hyogo Prefecture in Western Japan. They should enter into operation in the period from April to June, 2018.

As we already reported, in the development of OLED technology, Sharp hopes to join forces with Japan Display.

The above mentioned South Korean manufacturers are investing in production of OLED a significant amount. Thus, the company LG Display year ago announced that 2018 will direct the development of OLED technology the next generation of not less than 8,5 billion dollars. Manual Samsung Display at the beginning of this year approved the plan, which provides for investments in the amount of $7,47 billion in equipment for production of flexible OLED panels.

Source: Reuters

, Japan Display


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