Sharp announces the sale of a 70-inch display 8K HDR and tuner 8K

Since June 30, in Japan you can buy display Sharp LV-70002 — the first 70-inch LCD screen with resolution of 8K (7680 x 4320 pixels) that supports HDR. It complies with HLG and PQ HDR. Peak screen brightness — 1000 CD/m2. Display covers 79% of the color space BT.2020. When you connect your external tuner TU-SH1050 he turns the TV 8K.

To signal 8K device is equipped with four HDMI inputs. In addition, there are four HDMI inputs, but they do not support the 8K signal. Built-in sound system includes two wide-band emitter with a capacity of 10 watts and a subwoofer with a power of 15 watts. Power consumption monitor — 470 W (0.15 W in standby mode).

This is not the first 8K display manufactured by Sharp. Previously, the company started selling the 85-inch model for about $137 000. These monitors yet sold about 100 pieces. Price LV-70002 approximately $73 000. Tuner TU-SH1050 costs $64 000.

8K broadcasting to begin in Japan in December 2018.

Source: CDR info



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