Shares of Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology in the motherboard market continues to grow at the expense of small players

The motherboard market is moving towards duopoly. Now on Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology accounts for more than half of all deliveries. By the end of this year these companies will be able to further increase their share at the expense of smaller participants. Note that in quantitative terms, sales of Asus motherboards and Gigabyte will be less than in 2015, but in cash — will grow. This is due to the transfer of the focus on the model of the middle and upper segment. This forecast gives a source, referring to representatives of the supply chain.

It is expected that Gigabyte in 2016 will ship to 16.1-16.5 million boards. In 2015, the volume of supplies was equal to 17 million Rise in average sales prices due to increased supply of models on the boards and Z170 chipset series G1. Asustek this year to ship 17-17. 5 million boards. The third volume of supply will be the company Micro-Star International (MSI). It will fall behind the market leaders at least 10 million units.

Source: Digitimes



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