Shares of AMD increased significantly and the lack of 3D maps associated with the mining of cryptocurrencies

At the moment in the markets of Europe, USA, Russia, Ukraine and many other countries, there is not just a deficit, and the virtual absence of AMD’s older Radeon models RX RX 460 and 560, which is related to the demand from cryptocurrency miners. The situation with Nvidia cards is almost the same.

Against this background, there were even rumors that AMD and Nvidia are preparing a special version of their accelerators that will be focused on the «miners».

As it turned out, the increased demand for products has led not only to negative consequences. For example, the value of the shares of AMD for the last few days have increased by about 25-30%. At the moment the shares are traded over 12.38 dollar, while a week ago they were estimated at 10-11 dollars. However, it is unclear how to behave in shares in the next month or two in the absence of the sale of 3D-cards.

As for Nvidia, its shares over the last week also increased in price, albeit less significantly: from 144 to $ 149.



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