Set VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit allows you to organize in car-round visibility

The company VIA Technologies announced the release of its novelty called VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit. It is a comprehensive solution that allows you to organize car-round visibility with recording and monitoring in real time.

The kit includes a 4G modem and GPS receiver which allows for remote surveillance using four cameras with a field angle of 190° each. In addition to cameras in HD versions for installation in the vehicle is a seven-inch screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels with a VESA mount. You can add one or two additional cameras with a viewing angle of 190° or 50°, which may be necessary in the case of very long machines.

The advantages of the product manufacturer considers VIA Multi-Stitch Technology — a proprietary technology to seamlessly stitch images coming from cameras in a pie pan, suitable for local or remote viewing. Videos, and information about vehicles can be stored centrally in the cloud portal VIA Mobile360 E-Track to help you manage the car Park.

Sets VIA Mobile360 Surround View Sample Kit now available to order.

Source: VIA Technologies


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