Set Toshiba EBTZ1041-SK-A1 is designed to help developers of Wearables and IoT devices

Toshiba has introduced a starter kit for developers EBTZ1041-SK-A1, which, according to the manufacturer, contains all the hardware and software needed to create wearable devices that process signals from several sensors. The task set is to help in the creation of devices wearable electronics and Internet of things on-chip systems TZ1000 series of ApP Lite.

The basis set is the applications processor TZ1041MBG, which the manufacturer calls a «sensor hub». Recall that the processor TZ1041MBG Bluetooth v4.1 has added a series Toshiba ApP Lite in September 2015.

Configuration TZ1041MBG includes a 32-bit processor ARM Cortex-M4F digital signal processor and floating-point, the controller is Bluetooth LE interface units I / o, including I2C, UART and SPI, as well as a 24-bit Sigma-Delta ADC for high-resolution high-speed switch to connect three input channels, 288 KB memory type SRAM and 1 MB flash memory of the NOR type.

TZ1041MBG in addition, the Board EBTZ1041-SK-A1 is a connector for connection of Arduino expansion boards (Arduino UNO R3) and a connector for connecting single-chip transceiver Toshiba TC32306, also the debugger interface CMSIS-DAP. To connect with alternative debuggers, you can use devyatikonechnoy SWD connector.

New set now available to order.

Source: Toshiba



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