Set of Patton CopperLink 1101 PoE provides a connection distance of up to 915 m

Patton Electronics company, specializing in the production of network equipment, announced the start of the supply of extension cords, Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) series CopperLink 1101.

According to the manufacturer, sets the Patton CopperLink 1101 substantially expand opportunities for the installation of equipment connected at the PoE, including wireless access points, cameras, phones, lighting, information displays, industrial sensors and meters, and controllers for heating and ventilation systems, card readers and other end of the Ethernet device.

The advantages CopperLink 1101 is the degree of protection IP67. Extension cords designed for outdoor installation, support Ethernet speed of 10/100 Mbps and serve up to 15 W of power (802.3 af) to a distance of 915 m on a two-core telephone wire or coaxial cable. Note that the conventional PoE requires a four-wire connection.

Source: Patton Electronics


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