Set of chips Renesas RAA457100 and RAA458100 designed for wireless charging small electronic devices

The company Renesas Electronics has presented a solution for wireless charging of consumers with low power consumption: hearing AIDS, headphones, wearable devices. The solution includes two chips transmitter and receiver RAA458100 RAA457100. The manufacturer notes the high degree of integration RAA458100 and RAA457100. According to him, since all the components are in one housing, it is easier to protect electronic devices from dust and water.

Size RAA457100 and 3.22 x 2.77 in mm. the Receiver is combined with a rectifier, a control circuit charging the battery and 12-bit ADC to monitor battery voltage during the charging process. The measurement results are sent to the transmitter to maintain an optimum power level. In addition, the receiver integrated circuit protection and DC-DC Converter with an efficiency of 85% (load current of approximately 1 mA).

RAA458100 transmitter operates at a supply voltage of 5 V. In the description the manufacturer said the ability to control transmit power and availability of protection against overcurrent and overheating. The transmitter parameters can be programmed by writing values from the external memory into the registers via I2C. Perhaps connecting an external microcontroller.

Study samples RAA457100 and RAA458100 should appear in November.

Source: Renesas Electronics



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