Set bots_alive gives the robot spider Hexbug Spider new opportunities

Toy Hexbug Spider robot with remote control can breathe new life into if you use a set of bots_alive. Fundraising for the production of kits is now on Kickstarter. The set includes a sticker for the robot, the five obstructions, IR transmitter, connected to the smartphone and mobile application. This set costs $35. For $60 you can get a set that includes robot, but for $85 — two robots. You can order additional obstacles — every ten pieces are $15.

The smartphone application allows the robot to navigate autonomously and to learn, recognizing obstacles and creating paths. You can control two robots at once.

According to the authors of the project, bots_alive useful as a smart toy for teaching children aged six years.

The fundraiser ends in four days, but the project can already be called, held: at the time of writing the news was almost two times more than the planned $15000.

Source: Kickstarter


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