SES and Gilat although to improve connectivity at sea

Water, as you know, is two thirds of the earth’s surface. Meanwhile, with global connectivity at sea, things are not yet as good as we would like the crews and passengers of ships.

SES and Gilat Satellite Networks announced a strategic collaboration designed to solve this problem — at least partly. According to the partners, they hope to make a connection available for a wide range of small vessels in the Caribbean sea and adjacent areas.

In April, the market must be inexpensive hardware platform, providing access to the service SES Maritime+, launched in operation at the end of last year. The platform includes monobloc terminal two-way satellite communications Gilat MarineRay 60P. The cost of equipment Gilat and SES service allegedly would reduce the threshold of access to a satellite Internet connection, making it acceptable even for owners of small vessels.

Note that the SES fleet has more than 50 satellites in geostationary orbit and 12 of spacecraft in medium earth orbit.

Source: SES


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