Series of computer cases Thermaltake View 28 RGB Gull-Wing Window consists of two models

Company Thermaltake has announced the release of PC View 28 RGB Gull-Wing Window and View 28 RGB Riing Edition Gull-Wing Window. Their common feature is the curved window overlay on side and top panel. More precisely, these panels are combined into one which and done the window.

Case categories Mid Tower is designed for system Board size ATX, mATX and mini-ITX. They have ten places for mounting expansion cards, two of which are installed via an adapter that is rotated by 90°. Maximum length expansion cards — 410 mm (if you have not installed the fan on the front wall).

Power supply length 180 mm placed in the lower compartment, which also has space for two drives size 2.5 or 3.5 inches. In the compartment for the motherboard to fit another four drive size 2.5 inches. CPU cooler can be up to 155 mm.

The front panel of tinted glass fixed decorative element with a 256 color LEDs, which can run in the 11 modes.

In case you can install up to five 120 mm fans. The one on the back wall, installed normally. In the case of model View 28 RGB Riing Edition Gull-Wing Window is a fan of the series Riing with full color led backlight. In addition, the case is compatible with ITS. The front wall can be occupied by the radiator size 360 mm, back — 120 mm.

Panel I / o issued two USB 3.0, one USB 2.0 port and headset Jack. With dimensions of 505 x 200 x 493 mm case weighs 6,7 kg.

According to reports, prices of new buildings are in the range 80-90 euros.

Source: Thermaltake



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