Sequans Monarch SX — system-on-chip with support for LTE-M/NB-IoT device IoT

The company Sequans Communications has introduced a single-chip system SX Monarch in which Monarch integrated platform LTE-M/NB-IoT CPU ARM Cortex-M4, the sensor hub, display controller and multimedia processor. On-Board SoC Monarch SX in the performance of FC-CSP is less than 90 mm2, making it well suitable for applications indicated by manufacturer: all kinds of IoT devices, including wearable devices, sensors and meters smart homes and cities.

The advantages of Monarch SX SoC include the presence of internal memory and a power controller, support for VoLTE on LTE-M, low power consumption and a variety of interfaces that connect the screen, keyboard, microphone, GNSS receiver, SIM cards, cryptography block, sensors and other system components.

Source: Sequans Communications


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