Senstone — wearable recorder

With the concept of wearable electronics in the first place, associated with watches, bracelets and glasses. The developers of «smart voice recorder» Senstone decided to use a different form factor. However, the possibility of wear on the brush in the manner of hours, they also provided. In addition, Senstone can be worn around the neck as a pendant or clipped to a collar or pocket flap.

Form Senstone, according to the creators of the device resembles the shape of the sound wave. In miniature housing (of 29.53 x a 29.08 x 8.72 mm) is the microphone and the other electronic components, including the led indicator. The recorder weighs 11 g. For charging the internal battery with a capacity of 80 mA∙h is a wireless charger. According to the developers, a single charge lasts up to four days.

To start or stop recording, just touch Senstone. Possible as an Autonomous work and work in tandem with a smartphone, paired via Bluetooth and synchronization with cloud storage. Function is available to convert speech to text.

Hoping to collect at least $50,000, the authors of the project has already raised more than $80,000. The fundraiser will continue for another 33 days, and the shipment of recorders is due to begin in September.

Source: Kickstarter


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