Sensor home the environmental situation Itead Sonoff SC $20

The company Itead Studio has introduced a home appliance Sonoff SC that can work in Duo with a smartphone or be part of a complete smart home system. The objectives of Sonoff SC includes monitoring a number of parameters, which can assess the environmental conditions in the room.

The device is equipped with the following sensors: Sharp GP2Y1010AU0F to measure content of dust particles in the air and smoke appears (sensor separates the dust from the smoke), the DHT11 sensor measures the humidity (in the range 20-90%) and temperature; also includes a photoresistor GM5528 and electret condenser microphone to measure the level of background noise. The hardware basis Sonoff SC was the controller with the wireless functions Espressif ESP8266 and the microcontroller Atmel Atmega328.

Sonoff SC can communicate with a smartphone through Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and transmit readings to the mobile app EweLink. Importantly, the new product can be used to control other devices: temperature change operation modes of the air conditioner, and change of illumination enables or changes the brightness of the lighting, changing the dust level disables or enables forced ventilation, and so on.

Separately noted that despite the appearance of the device Sonoff SC is not equipped with a loudspeaker and do not try to use him as a speaker system. The developer provides the source code and schematic on his page, so given the popularity of microcontrollers craftsmen appears scope for creativity. The device is powered by a microUSB port and already went on sale for $20.


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